"ralph sanchez" wrote:

> Since I choose to use my wireless adapter's software (Intel Proset) to
> manage my wireless connection, I would only like to see its own icon in the
> notification area. This is easy enough to do when connected by unselecting
> "Show icon in the notification area when connected" in the corresponding
> Windows network connection.
> When I'm disconnected, however, there are two icons in the notification area
> telling me that I'm disconnected (see attached image). Does anyone know if
> its possible to completely disable the icon from Windows itself? I realize
> that I can configure it to always be hidden in the collapsed area, but
> that's not what I'm asking. I'd rather it just go away completely since
> Intel's icon already tells me everything I need to know.
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> Ralph Sanchez
> www.texupport

Try this:
Right click Start Button, select properties.
... On the taskbar and start Menu Properties click on Taskbar Tab.
... Then click on Customize Opposite this check box:
[ ] Hide inactive icons [ Customize...]
There make sure the icon set to Hide when inactive by highlighting it and
click on the drop down menu to select the proper action.