Hi All
Net configuration
1 xp desktop with Canon MFP attached: Print sharing enabled
guest acct is enabled on the desktop and no password is required (just
username "guest")
2 xp pro laptops both wireless
Linksys wireless router wep key enabled

Here is my problem. when my wife brings home her laptop it boots up,
sees the wifi, she is able to access net etc no problems. However when
she tries to print to our home network she gets error message "printer
not available or you may not have permission for this
resource" (paraphased) etc.
To correct this I have to "search for computers" , enter the desktop
computer name, then the laptop will find the desktop. When I click on
the desktop it prompts me for user name-password.
I enter "guest" in user name now I can access the printer. My question
is why doesn't it just ask for network sign on in the first place
rather than having to go thru all this to get to the printer?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.