On 7 Jan, 21:39, "Eric Cross [MVP]" wrote:
> Hello Tim,
> You can easily run the Wireless Network Setup Wizard in Windows XP Service
> Pack 2 (SP2) and save the wireless settings to a USB Flash drive.
> The Wireless Wizard will create a directory on your USB key called SMRTNTKY
> which you'll find an exectable file called setupsnk.exe. You can easily
> transfer your settings from Windows XP and add WindowsVistato your
> existing wireless network this way.
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I wish this were true!! The XP SP2 Wireless Wizard WILL save settigns
to a USB key AS you create them in the first place. BUT if you
already, after many different wlan connects, have a long list of
definitions in your XP wlan profile, then it does NOT appear that this
wizard will save them for transfer to , say Vista...

Also, the Vista NETSH command DOES let you save wlan information to an
xml format file which can then be used to transfer settings between
machines BUT the XP SP2 NETSH doesn't support the same wlan commands -
so on XP SP2 you cannot export your wlan settings!

Any suggestions / corrections welcome!