Hi I am having trouble getting computers to log into a domain via a wireless
network. I have set the network up as follows.
Wireless access points with WPA2-Enterprise encryption. Authentication has
been setup to use EAP-TLS with auto-enrolling certificates via group policy.
Client machines are Windows XP SP2 with the WPA2 fix applied. The servers
are all Windows 2003 SP1.

My problem....
I can log into an account with cached credentials and the wireless network
will work fine. However I cannot log into the domain with non-cached
credentials, ie. I am not getting connection via a computer certificate
before the login screen. I have tried the AuthMode=2 reg modification to
force computer certificates. From this I can see that as soon as a
cached-credentials user logs in the wireless network connects (there must be
a computer certificate on the machine to allow this) however when trying to
log in with a 'fresh' user account I cannot access the wireless network.

Does anyone have any ideas where Im going wrong.