We have set a group policy to push wireless settings (WPA-RADIUS /
PEAP-MSCHAPv2) to clients. This is working fine.

The only issue we have is this. The wireless network always automatically
connects when in range. We don't want this (that laptops are usually docked
to a wired network - and we only use the wireless when in conference rooms
etc..). If we un-check the 'Connect when this network is in range' - it get's
re-checked when GP reapplies.

However, the Wireless settings in Group Policy do not appear to provide for
configuring this setting in the network profile that is created. How can we
achieve this?

The other option we have is this: Do not pre-provision the profile, but
change the default authentication type for our laptops when connecting to
wireless networks to PEAP-MSCHAPv2 (rather than the system default currently
set of using certificates).

Our users do not want to have to 'connect', have that fail (due to no
certificate), edit the resulting profile to change auth to PEAP and disable
auto connect, then connect again. We need them just to be able to 'connect'
to the network with no other work needed.

Many thanks!