Hi guys,

I purchased a Compaq V2417AU (V2000 series) laptop over a year ago
(jan '06) and I later purchased a D-Link DWL-G630 54mbit/s (wireless
G) PC Card (32bit Cardbus card).

I noticed the asymmetric speed issues immediately, with 3Mbyte/s
downstream and 900KByte/s upstream.

Under Linux Ubuntu Dapper with the Madwifi drivers I noticed I had a
good 3Mbps up/down.

I put it down to a driver issue as I had nothing else to test the card

Now I have finally purchased the wireless Rangemax 240 WPNT121 Usb 2.0
and WPNT511 PCMCIA 32-bit cardbus card for my WPNT834 Rangemax 240
router, throughput is very high with the USB2.0 unit plugged into my
PC around 100mbit/s with my laptop connected via ethernet. With my new
cardbus card I still get 3Mbyte/s / 900KByte/s.

This is extremely frustrating for me, as you can understand.

My Laptop uses a Texas Instruments 6x21/7x21 driver, i've taken the
laptop apart and it indeed uses the TI PCI7411 chipset.

I have checked online documentation for this chipset provided by TI,
the card supports up to 100/200/400mbit/s it appears also that the
PCMCIA cardbus standard allows 33/66/133mbyte/s burst speed depending
on data size (byte/word/dword) and it states that no drivers are
needed under WIndows as there is a pcmcia.sys driver provided under
Windows (by MS from TI? it's driver version 5.1.2600.2180 xpsp_sp2_rtm.
040803-2158). I have used the compaq provided driver version
and I have tried to install the sony version but the sony
installer blocks me from proceeding and the drivers do not extract
anywhere. I believe these only install flashmedia card drivers and
merely update the name of the cardbus controller.

This time I have installed Ubuntu Edgy 7.04 herd 2 (alpha 2) and I
have compiled ndiswrapper 0.36rc1, ndiswrapper allows you to use
windows drivers under Linux.

I have so far managed to attain 7.33 Mbyte/s (i.e. 400MB in 55
seconds) downstream and 10.6 Mbyte/s upstream.

So I say, please can you fix this issue, I will also be contacting
Texas Instruments. Compaq have not bothered to get back to me on this
so far.

Kind regards