I have a Desktop runing XP Home sp2, connected via ethernet to a Netcomm NB5
ADSL+2, with a wireless router Netcomm NB600W. Also a Laptop IBM THinkpad
with XP aPro SP2 and wireless network card, as well as an Acer laptop with
Atheros wireless card, running XP Home SP2. All connect to the internet OK
via the NB600W.

Recently I tried to also set up a home network for the purpose of every
machine being able to send print job to the printer that is connected to the
desktop described above. I run the wizard in the desktop, since it is the
central computer, and put the applet given by the wizzard, without a problem,
into my memory stick. Run the applet into the THinkpad and succesfully
connected to the printer wirelesly.

The problem is in conecting the Acer (Aspire 3620). The applet installed
succesfully, internt still works fine (i am typing this in the Acer laptop)
but it will not connect to the printer for quids. When I open Network
Connection, the home network does not even show in it.

BTW, my desktop and Acer both run PCCillin internet security and Zonealarm,
whilst the Thinkpad (work unit) runs other antivirus & firewall setup.

What am I doing wrong?