I have a wireless network of 3 PCs and one laptop. All PCs run XP Home SP2.
Laptop runs XP Pro SP2. Printer sharing is "on" for all printers.
Basement - zebra label printer and Canon MP
Bedroom - HP Deskjet
Den - Dell printer

DSL modem is attached to Basement PC, with router sending signal to rest of
network. Basement PC can print to either of other 2 network printers.
Bedroom and Den PCs can print to each other's printer. Laptop can print to
Bedroom and Den printers. Bedroom, Den and Laptop CANNOT print to Basement
PC. When attempting to install the Basement printers, the Add Printer Wizard
finds the name of the printers, but when I highlight the selection, a message
of "Error:Access is denied" appears in the Printer Information box. Double
clicking the printer or clicking on "Next" brings up a dialog box that says
Connect to Basement and wants me to enter a password for the Guest account on
Basement printer. Guest account is not active, therefore there is no
password. Does the Guest account need to be active? It also seems that
files on the Basement PC that are set to be Shared are not showing up on the
other machines. However, file sharing is not as important as being able to
use the printers. Would settle for just that working.

I'm not sure what the problem is. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thank you