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>Here is the scenario. Right now this is on my test network.
>Windows Server 2003 R2 running a native AD domain. A Linksys WAP54G
>ver. 3 access point. I need a secure wireless network. I need all
>traffic encrypted

Are you talking wireless client to wireless client security, or only
wireless to the outside world security?

>as well as restricting access ONLY to those with a
>domain login (and possibly restricting only to known MAC addresses).

MAC filtering is easily spoofed and thus a waste of time.

>I'm assuming that I'll be using a RADIUS server of some sort. I have
>IAS running on the 2003R2 box, as well at cert services.
>What type of authentication do I need to enable on the AP, and how do I
>set it up on the domain? I've established a shared secret and all of
>that business, but I'd kind of like to start from scratch and here some
>of your ideas and suggestions.
>If I should just go with some 3rd party software, that is fine to
>suggest as well. I'd like to stay away from buying Cisco equipment or
>software, simply because of budgetary constraints. Linksys is cheap,
>and I think in the end, it can provide everything we need.

Consider running DD-WRT firmware on an appropriate Linksys box (not the
[ugh] WAP54G).

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