Are they all members of the same Workgroup or domaine??

"Jack \(MVP-Networking\)." wrote:

>The number of computers, both Wireless and Wired that can work of a Wireless
>Router usually cab exceed one hundred, so this is not a worry. Sharing
>Files is not a matter of Wire or Wireless it is a matter of File Sharing
>Successful Sharing involves some general consideration in Network settings,
>As well as specific adjustment of each computer according to what is allowed
>to be shared.
>Jack (MVP-Networking).
>"bing" wrote in message
>>I have DSL modem and connected to a router which have 5 port. 1 port
>> connected to a DSL MODEM and the 4 port is for LAN. 3 laptop are connected
>> wireless and it is working fine but my problem is my three wireless laptop
>> can not see each other I can ping my one laptop but the rest I can't.
>> Want also to know if how many wireless connection can I use to my 5 port
>> router which 1 port is connected to my DSL modem. Do i limited to 4
>> wireless
>> connection only for i have only 4 port on my router?