I'm experiancing the same symptom (I'm also in an academic setting) Server
2003 network with 802.11g Linksys WAP's.

Users can make an initial log in only if there is an Ethernet connection.
They then configure the wireless, and then log in wireless after that. My
assumption was that the wireless in the laptop wasn't coming on until a user
was logged in, and I needed to make it be a service somehow. You're
suggesting we just need to wait.

But how does the wireless know the WEP key prior to a user logging on and
configuring? I suspect I need to do something in my setup of the
laptop.......but I'm not sure what.

"ITServiceDesk" wrote:

> Have seen similar issues to this (can't guarantee they are the same). With
> wireless notebooks there is a delay before the wireless connection works.
> Basically if you boot up the laptop and try to log in straight away as a user
> then you won't be able to. If you wait at least 2/3 minutes at the login
> screen stage before actually logging in then they work (or they did for us).
> If you log in as local administrator then that gives the notebook time to
> find the wireless connection before logging out and logging back in as a user.
> If you have previosuly logged into the domain with the administrator account
> then you may be logging in with cached credentials and again this gives time
> to establish the connection before you log in as a user.
> This happens whenever a user logs in for the first time from that particular
> notebook.
> If this is the same type of symptom you are getting then the users just need
> to be educated.
> Regards
> "Giles Wendes" wrote:
> > I work for a school with Aruba wireless access points installed. From time to
> > time the wireless notebooks we use are unable to log in to the domain
> > (ACADEMIC) and return the error : 'Domain ACADEMIC is not available'
> >
> > If I log in as an administrator or onto the local machine there is no
> > problem and the wireless connection is established successfully once logged
> > in. I have installed the latest firmware and driver for the notebooks and the
> > problem remains.
> >
> > The problem is, albeit temporarily, resolved if I remove the notebook from
> > the domain and then reattach it. This can be done wirelessly or over a wired
> > connection. Currently we have half our notebooks unable to connect and it is
> > obviously a great deal of work to go through each computer and reattach. Is
> > there a solution or a better way?