I am writing this letter to ALL Wireless Router manufacturers.
I have a Linksys Wireless Router Model:BEFW11S4. It is 7 years (yes, count
them, all of seven little years) old. I have visited the Linksys website
numerous times trying to set up the WEP/WPA security on that wireless router
(as all responsible wireless router owners should!). I found that there are
no links to any wireless router setting websites that are congruent with the
screen shots from Linksys' own self help technical support site. I have had
to call Linksys several times to resolve this issue only to be placed on hold
for lengthy times (sometimes my call was dropped and I had to start over ....
how sad for such a large company to have such poorly trained phone
receptionists!), then be transferred (see previous comment about the phone
receptionists) to a supposed supervisor, only to finally be transferred to
someone who tells me that the warranty has expired and wants me to pay $40.00
for the technical support to do the right thing that I want and need to do.
First, the device works fine (as evidenced by this e-mail that you have
just received)!
Second, why should I have to pay for doing the right thing?
Third, if I am going to be EXTORTED into buying a new wireless router so
that I can do the right thing and set up an encryption key for a secure
network, what on Gods' Green Earth makes anyone think that I would CHOOSE to
buy another Linksys product when ALL that I have ever received from them is a
functional wireless router (yes, even after seven whole years) and the
crappiest Customer Service/Technical Support I have ever had the displeasure
to encounter!
I shall copy this letter and try to find as many Chat Rooms as possible in
order to spread the word of ALL that I have gone through with the Chain of
Command at the Linksys phone center, well above and beyond what any
reasonable person should expect to go through, and still have NO RELIEF
concerning my singular issue with their product and its capabilities that I
SHOULD be able to enjoy as the owner of said product! What has happend to
"The Customer Is Always Right" Customer Service mantra (I can't say "In
America" because the call was handled in India)? Is the Customer, the ones
that makes the company what it is through the purchase of products, so
worthless to the company that they can just be treated with abject contempt
and scorn? Is the Customer to thus be trampled underfoot? Are we paying to
be so abused? I, for one (yes, one, the beginning of all), shall NOT be
treated in such manner, and CERTAINLY shall NOT PAY to be treated as such!
In this world of expanding technologies, it shall be those with the
GREATEST Customer Appeal that shall continue to be found worthwile in the
publics' eyes (and pocketbooks) and shall grow to meet the demands of a
growing world - ESPECIALLY in the Electronics Department!
It is now my strongest desire that the Linksys Corporation suffers
irreparable damage and goes out of business for their Crappy Customer
Service! I can only hope that I reach enough people around the world to bring
this desire true!

"bobhpdx" wrote:

> We have several Dell XP machines with SP2
> We recently upgraded our Actiontec DSL gateway the 701 wireless model. The
> XP's connect quickly and easily with Trendnet 11Mbps 802.11b USB adapters.
> However whenever you shut or reboot the Dell XP machine it loses the
> checkmark in networking, properties Wireless Networking that instructs XP to
> " use windows to configure my wireless network settings"
> So when shutting down or rebooting you need to go back to this option and
> instruct XP to use windows to configure the wireless network.
> While not critical, it is annoying and I was wondering if anyone knew if
> this was a 'undocumented feature' or a bug. Or is there a setting that cures
> this that we have overlooked?
> Thanks for any help.
> BobH
> Quik Internet of Portland