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> Hi Guys,
> I have a workgroup here with the following setup:
> About 5 computers
> On a Workgroup
> Each user has a PC, and one logon per machine, which is the first name
> of the person that uses that machine, ie Tom. There is no password
> reqd when logging on.
> The machines are running XP
> The problems started when one of the of the computers needed to be
> formatted. This was done, and the computer was given the same computer
> name and put on the same workgroup.
> Now the formatted computer, lets call it PC1 can see all the shares on
> the rest of the network, but nobody can see the shares on PC1 (I did
> recreate them - its mainly just the My Doc folder)
> So I manually added the shares on the other PC's from within My
> Network Places > Add Network Place. That worked.
> Now the only problem really seems to be that if I go to another PC,
> say PC2, and try to browse the workgroup (via View Workgroup
> Computers) I can see PC1, but when I click on it I get something to
> the effect of "Cannot view \\PC1 .....access denied"
> Now I checked that I have go File and Printer Sharing Installed, and
> the other thing the MS KB article said to do was to make sure netbios
> over TCP/IP was enabled and it is.
> I am wondering if its something to do with Local Security Policy or
> Shared Folder Setup in computer management???
> So to summarise, I can PING, and I can connect to SMB shares, but cant
> browse the formatted PC, PC1, in the list of computers in WORKGROUP.
> Please help,
> Cheers
> -Al

Firewall or internet security software settings

and have you tried ticking or unticking the Explorer/Tools/View
tab.........the bottom box, Use simple file sharing (Recommended) box.