So maybe they scan different bands ( B/G or A ),
or channel sets. The latter can be enforced by the netcard vendor.

If Computer 1 runs a wireless utility of the netcard vendor, it may
disable WZC, this can explain why it does not see other routers.


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"Bill Ridgeway" wrote in message
> I have a Livebox wireless broadband router.
> Computer 1 will automatically detect and connect to the Livebox - but it
> will not detect other active routers.
> Computer 2 will detect but not connect (automatically or manually) to the
> Livebox. However it will detect other active broadband routers and
> (manually) connect to one which is not secured. Yes the WEP code has been
> typed in.
> I can't seem to resolve these inconsistencies.
> How do you swap between automatic and manual connection?
> How do you choose to see a list of routers within range?
> Thanks.
> Bill Ridgeway