Hi guys I have a problem.

I have been networking an Old Dos program in my office for the last 15 years
on three computers (Wired Connection) without any problems.

Last week we had BT Broadband installed.

I set up a wireless internet connection on two of these computers, the
office computer I set up by USB.

This is the problem???

In order to connect to the internet I have to disable my network connection
on the Dos Program, and in order to run my Dos program I have to disable my
internet network connection. After faffing about I managed to get both
networks connected, but my Dos program wired connection is pretty slow on
both of the slave pc's.

I have a BT 2wire router with a maximum wireless speed of 54mbps. The
wireless adapters are Belkin and are N rated up to 300mbps so it says on the
tin. In order to make this slow connection faster am I right in thinking my
BT 2wire Hub is the problem. Or am I barking up the wrong tree altogether.

Thanks in advance

Best Wishes