I bought myself a Bluetooth stereo headphone. The pairing and operations
etc. a such work fine, except that during listening every 10-15 seconds
or so there is a short pause or interruption, so listing to music via BT
is not really a joy... I tried with WinAmp as well as MediaPlayer. The
pauses seem a bit shorter with WM (i.e. with WinAmp the effect is worse)
but otherwise it's the same, so it seems a system cause, not a player
dependent cause.

If I listen to music from my mobile I never have such pauses, so it's
clealy NOT the headphone, that is causing them, either.

What could be the reason for these interruptions? This is on WinXP using
the Broadcom stack and the Stereo Audio profile (A2DP). I disabled all
programs that I can think of that could cause regular activity (like
automatic update checkers, indexing, etc.). Any idea, what other
services or programs could cause this? I tried with TaskManager, but it
shows maybe 10-15% CPU activity and no spikes. Is there some tool that
allows for more precise and detailed process monitoring, so that one
could maybe see or log, what process is running regularly with 100% for
short periods? Or any other idea, how to trace this down?