I am trying to network-share several folders on my desktop computer,
specifically: c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Excel, c:\Documents and
Settings\All Users\JPG, c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Turbotax Files,
c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Word and txt

For some reason this desktop computer does not have a folder entitled Shared
Documents. The usual Shared Documents folder seems to be entitled Documents.
Does that matter?

In attempting to share, for each of the four folders I have checked both
boxes under Network sharing and security: Share this folder on the network,
and Allow network users to change my files.

When I look at My Network Places on this desktop computer, I see three of
the four folders, but not the JPG folder. (Until a week or so ago, the JPG
folder WAS available for sharing. I have unshared and reshared it numerous
times to try to restore its functionality, to no avail.)

When I go to another computer on my network and look at My Network Places I
also cannot see the JPG folder. (I have rebooted the desktop computer and
the other network computer numerous times to try to regain sharing
functonality for this JPG folder, to no avail.)

How can I get this JPG folder to behave properly as a shared folder so I can
access it from my other network computers?