MRRIGGA wrote:
> Hi.
> I am using a ADSL2+cable router and would like to use a wireless router
> that I have laying around,
> Is this possible by connecting the wireless router direct to my providers
> phone line or would I have to some how attach the wireless router to my
> providers cable router Thank you

Your question isn't clear.

If you currently have a non-wireless combo modem/router (either cable or
DSL) and want to use a wireless router, many home wireless routers can
be configured as a wireless access point only. This will give you
wireless access as well as (in many cases) 3 more wired LAN jacks. See

Or, if the wireless router you have laying about happens to *also*
incorporate a modem (cable or DSL, as needed by your particular setup),
then you can simply replace the current device and connect the wireless
device directly to the cable or phone line. You may have to know some
configuration details from your ISP.

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