Olumide <> typed:
> Hi -
> So I've made my first VPN connection between two winxp machines and it
> was very easy. My question is what next? How do I actually copy files
> from one machine to the other. All the helps I've found on the
> internet just stop at establishing the connection.
> Thanks
> - Olumide

Lots of good responses. My one question is, which Bill asked, is can you
ping the other machine by it's IP address?

To get the IP address of both machines, run an ipconfig in a command prompt.
Then ping the IP from the other machine. Does it respond? If so, you can now
map a drive to the other machine, provided that you've already shared a
folder. If this is XP Home, you will need to disable Simple File Sharing.
Then go into your C: drive, share a folder, then go to the other machine and
map a drive to it using the IP and the shared name such as:

Be warry of third party and the Windows firewall. You will need to allow
this type of traffic but if not sure how, simply disable it during your
testing or you will never be able to connect if configured to disallow this
type of traffic, which most of them are by default.


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