I have a windows xp laptop and a few months ago i upgraded from a netgear b
router to a netgear g router to better communicate with my PS3. I also
have a desktop that now rarely gets used but has several gigabytes of files
that i like to access now and then. Well, i finally decided this past
weekend to attempt to get my desktop, with it's old USB wireless b adapter,
hooked up to the network i now have with my G router. Forget that my
efforts attempting that failed, here's my more immediate issue.

In the middle of attempting this, while my desktop was searching for a
wireless connection, my laptop lost all wireless internet access with my
router. My PS3 can still access the internet wirelessly, and while still
wireless my laptop even shows - through the little pop up bubble - that i'm
connected to my network and the signal strength is excellent. I turned my
windows firewall off just to make sure that wasn't the problem, with no
luck. In fact, when i wire connect to my router, as i am now, the internet
works fine.

I've reset manually my IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and
preferred DNS server to match the settings in my PS3, and i've entered my
wep key 2 or 3 times to make sure it's in there correctly.

Any ideas? Because I'm stumped.