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> OS: Vista
> 1) Two wireless network cards connected (both same make/model/driver
> Belkin Wireless G+ MIMO USB Adapter F5D9050UK)
> 2) Each connected to different G wireless network
> 3) Routes added:
> route -p add mask
> route -p add mask
> When download starts for 1st route at 20Mbits+, the second route (or
> any traffic going thru 2nd NIC) becomes extremely laggy and totally
> saturates the connections (high packetloss). When downloading stop at
> 1st NIC, 2nd NIC becomes responsive. And vice-versa when routes and
> network cards switched around.
> Why? Driver bug?
> Doesn't happen when using a Wired NIC and Wireless NIC.

how close together are the antennas? are they on the same channel?? try
moving the antennas as far apart as possible, or orienting them at 90
degrees to each other and see if that helps. also put them on different
channels, there are some channel combos that are better than others for
preventing interference, i forget the best ones now but they are on the web