Hi, I've been trying to download flash player 9 on my sister-in-laws
computer. She has vista and it's a wireless connection with skybroadband. The
problem is when I click on the f image to complete the download a video clip
should play but it seems to hang for a min or two and then says network
problem. It trys to connect via a dialup broadband 3 connection which is the
default connection even though it is actually conected through sky and
wireless. I can't make the wireless connection the default connection when I
right click on the icon in the management window the default option doesn't
I can't download flashplayer.
I think it's because the computer is looking for a dial up connection that
isn't being used
I can't get it to recognise the wireless connection to sky
I can't make the sky wireless connection the default
Does any of this make sense?