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    anil wrote:
    > new join

    Hi - this is not a forum; it's a newsgroup. There's no joining per se. You
    can subscribe to it, and unsubscribe, but nobody will know if you don't

    You might want to consider using a news client, such as Forte Agent,
    Thunderbird, or even Outlook Express, rather than Google Groups or the MS
    web interface. It's a lot easier to do nearly everything that way. You can
    mark messages to be watched, filter the views so you can see replies to your
    posts easily, and search.

    The Microsoft public news server is msnews.microsoft.com and you can
    subscribe to as many groups as you like; no authentication is required.

    The following is from a post by MVP Malke ...

    Here's information on Usenet and using a newsreader:

    http://www.elephantboycomputers.com/page3.html#12-09-02 - a brief
    explanation of newsgroups
    - Set Up Newsreader

    http://aumha.org/nntp.htm - list of MS newsgroups
    microsoft.public.test.here - MS group to test if your newsreader is
    working properly
    http://www.mailmsg.com/SPAM_munging.htm - how to munge email address
    http://www.blakjak.demon.co.uk/mul_crss.htm - multiposting vs.

    Some newsreaders for Windows
    http://www.forteinc.com/agent/index.php - for Forte
    http://www.mozilla.org (Thunderbird does newsgroups)


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