I have spent five hrs studying Lenova bluetooth connection along with Palm

FIRST OFF: The XP directions to open Control Pannel and click on bluetooth
are wrong! You must first open Control Pannel AND THEN SWITCH TO CLASSIC
VIEW whereupon you WILL see a Bluetooth icon.

SECOND: I am attempting to set up a VIRTUAL SERIAL PORT and the Microsoft
directions entitled, "Establish a Virtual Serial Port Conneciton Between This
Computer and Another Bluetooth Device" do not work. Direction #4 says to
"select the Bluetooth Serial Port check box, and then click next." My XP
does NOT have a check box!

Consequently I am trying to find out by reading these posting how to set up
a Virtual Serial Port. Lenovo wants to charge me $100 for this answer, and
Microsoft wants $69.00! AND, my Lenovo is BRAND NEW (CAN YOU HEAR MY TOTAL

"Graypetter" wrote:

> I cannot find 'Bluetooth Devices' in Control Panel. How do I get to this, so
> I can follow the instructions for setting up Bl;uetooth pairing?