On Fri, 2 Nov 2007 21:28:02 -0400, "Jack \(MVP-Networking\)."

>Many manufacturers of 802.11g Devices add none standard "Speed" capacity to
>some of their Wireless lines.
>All of them are compatible with any regular 802.11g hardware. However, to
>take advantage of the Extra Speed you have to buy the specific matching card
>from the same manufacturer.
>Linksys call it Speed Booster.
>D-Link calls it AirPlus Extreme G
>Buffalo call it 125.
>Netgear and few others have similar concoctions.
>While regular 802.11g yields under best condition 18-24Mb/sec.
>These Speed enhancers yield under similar condition 28-42Mb/sec.
>Frame of reference for functional Network "Speeds" ,
>Jack (MVP-Networking).

Thanks much Jack!