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1- How to protect your computer with advanced backup and recovery?

A backup is a duplicate copy of a file, program or disk that can be
used if the original copy is lost, damaged, or destroyed. Thus, if you
regularly take backups of your sensitive data or programs and update
them as and when needed, system failures can be covered easily through
these backups.

2- How is virus activated on your computers?

There are different methods through viruses may be transferred from
one computer to another. Now- a-days, most of the viruses spread due
to receiving unknown e-mail messages that contains viruses. When a
user opens such an infected message, the virus is also loaded into the
computer memory.

3- How to detect viruses in a computer using multiple antivirus

Virus detection and its removal are made through an antivirus program
which finds out viruses in a computer and then possibly removes or
repairs the virus problem. But today an interesting tip, how to scan
your system without any installed antivirus program.

4- How to Enable Boot Logging to troubleshoot windows startup

You can troubleshoot many of computer startup problems using windows
boot logging. When you start you computer with enable boot logging
feature, a log file will be created to identify the drivers and
services that is creating the problem during startup.


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