Hi all,

I have two PCs running Windows XP which both have the current version
of iTunes installed. PC (a) is hard wired to my cable modem router and
PC (b) has a wireless usb adapter which allows me to network the two
PCs and share an internet connection. PC (b) is the remotely located
PC which has an external usb hard drive which contains my iTunes Music
Library and the folder is shared.

Can anyone offer advice on how to set up iTunes on both PCs so that
they use the same library located on the external hard drive. ALSO, I
was wondering if this can be set up so that when a song is imported,
purchased or added from PC (a) or (b) that the other PC will
automatically have it listed in it's library as well as seeing the
same information in the purchased section of iTunes' Music Store.

Ithink that I'm doing something wrong, because so far whenever I buy
or add a song on one PC, I have to go to File\Add Folder in iTunes and
add the new folder that the song created on the storage drive in order
for the PC (which was not the one to initiate the purchase) to see the
new song.

Thanks in Advance!!!

Steve B.