would ask for near technical information to Unix email servers
(Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010)

How will conserve above - cited mail servers in these 2 scenerios.

1) he has send 3 emails to 3 different recipients that the have 3 various domain
(petr@one.com, ales@two.com, karel@three,com)
however all these domain be on one server that the has one IP address.

a) server will carry out connection 3x on one server, for by any domain extra.
b) server send all mailings in one connection because conference on same IP.
c) other alternate

2) How server will conserve if will obtain status about delivery:
1. e - mail OK, 2. e - mail error 4xx, 3. e - mail OK

a) will consider all 3 mailings behind successfully delivered
b) 2 are ok, about 2. mailing will tempt again sending
c) other alternate

In advance you much thank you