The network is composed by a PDC running NT Server 4 and some
BDC (NT Server 4). I am running the WINS server on every server, PDC
and BDCs and each BDC is both a push and pull partner of the
Every BDC is configured to use as Primary Wins Server itself and as
second Wins Server the PDC.
But, on the BDC I reinstalled, IPCONFIG /ALL shows as Primary
Wins Server the PDC instead of itself and as second Wins Server
itself... Despite the TCP/IP network configuration settings,
which are correct...
And, from this machine, I cannot ping some (not all) of the BDC
("Bad Ip Address")...
Pinging the address I have the answer, pinging the name, no...
Is my new Wins database wrong?

Thank you very much for your attention and sorry for my awful English.