I have an NT Server box that is in desparate need of some fault
tolerance. It contains 4 disks:
- Disk 0, ATA, 7.5 GB, has 3 NTFS partitions
- Disk 1, ATA, 80GB, 1 NTFS partition
- Disk 2, ATA, 7.5 GB, Norton Ghost image of Disk 0
- Disk 3, SCSI, 18GB, 3 partitions
There is SCSI at the back of the box.

My question is, what would you recommend as a good scheme to keep this
puppy up and running? I'm considering an external RAID box, either
SCSI or Serial ATA (if I can find a SATA PCI RAID card that works on
NT). Disk 0 pretty much needs to appear as it is (has applications on
it). Disk 2 could go away. Disk 1 and 3 could probably even exist on
different partitions as I think (to be confirmed) they contain just
user temp storage. I don't want a tape drive and I don't want to back
it up over ethernet (have done it once over ethernet to another PC with
a DVD drive and nearly died of old age doing it).

Ask me questions, point me in directions, have at it...


PS. I have an extra chassis containing the 2 7.5G ATA drives,
motherboard and SCSI card.