how do i get a tool that lets my computer conserve cpu usage without
haveing to figure out in task manager what processes or apps to stop.
when i run tv tumner card my cpu usage goes up to 47 pct. maybe higher,
this might be what is causing my aver tv to crash when i try to close
it, as it then goes to the main boot up screen. what can i do??

here is another post to go with so u all can see the prob as it is a 2
part question. 1 to conserve cpu and 2 to fix crash.

I have a aver tv stereo internal in a p3 1 ghhz processer on win xp
with a nvedia g force 2 card.
sometimes when i try to close the aver tv window or click a vutton my
computer instantly crashes to reboot bios screen, were it weould be
just like i turned on the competer. trhis happens instatly on some
occasions, why is that? and what can i do to fix? i have 500 mgs ram,
also i tried reinstalling the rtv card and app several times, i have
resolution on tv set to 720 x 480. it doesnt happen every time but
enough times. what do i do??
thnks email me at

my os is win xp with 512 mgs of ram and p 3 1 ghz cpu

any help will be appreciated.