Are all of the users printing locally or are some of them printing via
a shared printer? If they are printing from a remote computer to that
printer, are you using a different driver than the other users are?

Carsten Cremers wrote:
> I've the folowing problem with my NT4.0 WS (german) installation.

There is an
> HPDJ560C connected to the computer and it is shared over the net.
> I have accounts as Main-user (german Hauptbenutzer) and as

Administrator. When
> i print on the DJ every thing is all right. After it's printed the

Jobs are
> removed from the spooler. The other users who have only accounts as

> print on the printer their jobs stay in the spooler with status

> (german gedruckt) I can remove them manualy. If I don't they are

> after an reboot.
> How can I change this? Any suggestions?
> The checkbox don't delete jobs after printing (translate from german)

> checked.
> Thanks
> Carsten Cremers