"Thorsten Eckardt" wrote in message
> Hi everybody.
> I have not been able to properly resolve my problem. Apparently I don't
> have a chance to make XP load the keyboard driver when my keyboard is
> hooked up through the KVM switch.
> However, I have found a decent work-around: Instead of shutting down the
> PC, I just set it to hibernate. I am quite surprised that the following
> procedure actually works:
> 1. At first, I connect a keyboard directly to the PS/2 port and start
> Windows XP. As it should be, the keyboard is recognized and the standard
> keyboard driver is loaded.
> 2. During bootup - no later than at the login screen - I disconnect the
> keyboard from the PS/2 port and replace it by the KVM switch. Because
> the keyboard driver is already loaded, the keyboard behind the KVM
> switch is now working absolutely fine.
> 3. Now I do not shut down the computer, but always send it to hibernate
> instead.
> 4. Whenever I turn the computer back on, XP still does *not* recognize
> the keyboard behind the KVM switch. The latter works anyway. Why? Well,
> coming out of hibernate mode, the OS loads the previous RAM state (that
> was saved to disk) back into memory - and there the keyboard driver is
> still running from before going into hibernate...
> The only disadvantage of this work-around: Once in ten days I go through
> the described procedure (switching cables, etc.). This way I can
> guarantee that windows gets a "fresh" restart every now and then.
> Regards
> Thorsten

Thanks for the update.

Please note that the keyboard problem is particular to the switch
you use. I have a number of WinXP machines connected to a four-port
switch, and I have no problem at all. I suspect it depends on the manner
in which the keyboard port is configured on the switch: What interface
is presented to PC A while the switch focus is on PC B.