"Thorsten Eckardt" wrote in message
> Hi everybody,
> does anyone know a way to force Win XP to load the PS/2 keyboard driver
> at bootup?
> As far as I know, XP always tries to auto-detect a keyboard at the PS/2
> port. If none is found, the corresponding drivers - i8042prt.sys and
> kbdclass.sys - will not be loaded.
> And this is exactly my problem: At work I have several server computers
> connected to a KVM switch. XP does not recognize the keyboard behind the
> swith and therefore does not load the driver. As a result the keyboard
> cannot be used. (The PS/2 mouse driver is being loaded, though.)
> The problem is not the KVM switch, though, but Windows XP, which the
> following phenomenons have proven: The PS/2 keyboard behind the switch
> is working fine in the Bios, under Linux or starting a DOS session (all
> on the same computer mentioned above). Even Windows 2000 gets along fine
> with my KVM-configuration. Only Win XP does not load the keyboard driver.
> Theoretically, the keyboard behind the switch *would* work under Win XP,
> though (if the driver *was* loaded). I know that, because if I connect
> the keyboard directly to the pc (without KVM switch) during POST, then
> unplug it at the XP login screen and replace it with the switch,
> everything is working fine. XP auto-detects the keyboard at bootup and
> loads the driver, which I can then use with the keyboard behind the
> switch without any problems.
> This is really annoying: Everything could be working fine, but the
> driver is not being loaded, just because Win XP "thinks" that there is
> no keyboard present.
> This takes be back to my initial question: Can I circumvent the
> auto-detection of the PS/2 keyboard somehow and indstead *force* Windows
> XP to load the corresponding keyboard driver, no matter what? (In the
> past, with less automatized Windows versions, that had always been
> possible.) This would solve my problem for sure.
> I am grateful for any help.
> Best regards
> Thorsten Eckardt

Sounds like an interesting question, and I'd like to see
the answer (if there is one). I suggest you repost your item
here: microsoft.public.windowsxp.hardware. Few respondents
monitor this old and worn-out Windows NT newsgroup!