I bought a new computer, but without a harddisk, because I had a
harddisk of 160Gb that I could use. On that harddisk are two
partitions, one in fat32 with al my music and my movies on, the other
one was an ext2 partition but I converted it to ntfs, because I was
planning to put windows on that partition.

Now I placed that harddisk into the new computer and there must have
gone something wrong, because I couldnt install windows. So I placed
another harddisk into the same computer, where there was windows on,
and tried to acces the harddisk. This worked fine, but a lot of the
files were only 4kB of size. Where they should be serveral MB...
I tried to run chkdsk on it: but this program shows 100% and then just
hangs, uses 100% cpu and an awfull lot of memory...
I alsu tried a program getdataback for fat, and it helped to get some
files back, but only for a small amount of missing files

With all the things I've tried, I've only been able to get about 2/3
of my files back, so I'm kinda starting to become mad for the

I hope someone can help me!!!!

Thanks a lot!!!