Dear everybody,

I'm able to connect one Windows NT 4.0 Workstation client PC to a Windows
2000 server PC through a VPN based on a dial-up connection. The client makes
the initial call and after the tunnel has been established via the ISP
connection, both PCs are visible between them.

The goal of the VPN client PC is to act as a VPN gateway. I wish to ping the
remote server from a workstation attached at the VPN client's local Ethernet
interface, using the VPN client PC as a VPN gateway. It doesn't work !!

I have checked the VPN client's and the workstation's routing tables and
they are ok. I suspect Windows NT 4.0 Workstation is not able to act as a VPN
gateway. Reading Microsoft's articles regarding VPN seems only Windows NT 4.0
Server is able to act as a VPN gateway using RRAS.

Any ideas ?

Best Regards