(Win NT4.0, sp6a; NTFS)

I have two HDDs: NT is installed on one (C, the other is partitioned
as D: and E:. Pagefile.sys on the D: partition, for space reasons.
One or more files on E: are "corrupt", which occasionally causes
problems. I could sort of live with this, but I'd like to clear it

When I try chkdsk on E:, I get a message ...

"This NTFS volume was created or modified by a later version of
Windows NT. This version of chkdsk cannot be run on this volume.
You must boot the version of NT that created/modified this volume
and run chkdsk from that installation."

Sad to say, this is true: that drive was created during a brief
daliance with W2K.

I tried ntfschk (
but it said it couldn't lock the drive.


- I have to admit that I've never really understood chkdsk. Can it
be run while NT is using pagefile on the same drive (different
partition), or do I need to boot from another device?

- Is there a way I can run some version of chkdsk on this drive, in
this box?

- Could I take this drive to an XP box and run chkdsk (or something?)
there to effect the repair?