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> FransHals wrote:
> > http://www.acronis.com/products/trueimage/
> >
> > I need to do an image back up a machine. This looks like a better
> > solution than Ghost. Acronis allows you to do scheduled back ups
> > which is also a plus. Ideally I want to set up the clone machine
> > next to the older machine. Plug them both into the network and have
> > the new machine backing up the old once a week or every day.

> TrueImage is a great program.
> Incremental backups, scheduling, Linux filesystem support, and native
> "Network Neighborhood" support are a few of my favorite features.
> The only place you might run into a snag is that since the recovery CD
> is Linux-based, you might have trouble if you have some hardware which
> isn't supported by Linux.
> I question your "cloning" backup strategy, though. First, cloning is
> intended for use between drives in a single machine. Even if you could
> get some way to clone across machines, the hardware would need to be
> pretty much the same between the machines. And I'm sure you'll
> probably run into licensing/activation issues with XP if that's your OS.
> Wouldn't it make more sense to do an "Image" backup. That way you can
> take advantage of the scheduling, incremental, and other features of
> TrueImage. Plus you can keep multiple levels of backups, depending on
> your storage availability and backup needs. Heck, you can even
> dispense with the whole older machine. Save on power costs, if that's
> all that you'd be using it for. Just get an external USB2 or Firewire
> drive. (Or even a spare internal drive)
> -WD

How do I get it to the new machine? You say dispense with the older
machine. ???

I talked to Dell and they said that cloning from the old HP Pavilion
to the new Dell 400 SC will not work because of the hardware
differences. I am running NT 4.0 SP 6.

Acronis says:

"If the new machine hardware configuration differs from the old one,
than you should use sysprep utility before backup creation.

Please read the following article: