We have a NT 4 network with a server(NT 4 Server SP6a) and 30
workstations (NT 4 Workstation SP4). FOrtress 101 is loaded on the
workstations. We have an application (third party) which accesses
files from the server and the workstation from where it is running. it
uses the Temp folder of the local machine.
Sometimes we get the followng message when we try to run the
"This application cannot start as it cannot create needed files. There
may not be enough free disk space"
There is no dearth of space on the workstations and the server. This
happens on a random basis(happens more frequently on some workstations
than other). Sometimes all the workstations are affected, sometimes
only 1 is afected.
To get around it
1. On the workstation we disable fortress and then enable it . this
seems to solve the problem.
2. If quite a large number of PCs are affected, the server is rebooted
which solves the problem

We would be eternally grateful if we can get some clues into this

Thanks in advance