Hello O Mighty Windows Gurus:

I'd like to ask for your advise on the following problem:

We have a RAS server allows VPN connections via dialup and also via
the Internet, the dialup connections work like they are supposed to
(they have access to one FTP server beyond the RAS and that's it), but
when connecting on the network the clients cannot access the resources
they are supposed to, namely the FTP site.

I have tried these two connections on the same computer and I see no
differences in the way they acquire an address in the private
10.10.200.X network

This is what happens:

On dialup
Dial the phone #866-XXX-XXXX, it connects and you can ping and ftp to (RAS server) and (FTP)

start a MS VPN to 12.XX.XXX.XXX, makes the connection (with the same
login and password) but you cannot ftp nor ping to any of the other

I already checked the IP filters on the RAS and nothing is filtered,
and even if there was, there was not difference between dialup and
TCP/IP connection.

Does anyone have any idea where else should I check to troubleshoot

The RAS server is Windows NT 4, SP6a, nothing fancy, all updates are
installed, etc, etc, a plain vanilla installation so to speak.


Vicente Zamora
vzamora at NOSPAM hotmail NOSPAM dot com