Dear all,

in our office we not only use ntbackup for backup reason but for archiving
We want to keep what was produced over the days in a continuous set of

So I've set ntbackup (Windows 2000 server) up like:

1. fullbackup every 10 days
2. differential backup every night at 3:00

The 40 gig tape last like this for about 20 days and remains continously in
the drive.
Once it has got full over night, there's a message the next day asking for
the next tape
to be inserted.

I've set up the tapes over the storage media mmc.

The problem is, once the second tape has got inserted and the backup has
next night it doesn't find the correct tape. It always messages me to insert
tape 1
of the backup set, only to find out it's full and I have to insert tape 2.

1. Is there a way to tell it to just to go on and continue on tape 2, 3,
(without it always asking for the first tape)
2. Can I restore a differential session (fully fit) on tape 1 if I loose
tape 2?
==> it always told me to insert tape #2 although the differential nbackup
I wanted to restore was just on tape #1.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Markus Giera