Greetings, all...
I recently installed a new Adaptec IDE Raid controller (1200a series)
in an NT 4.0 Server at a client's place of business. I cloned the
original drive to one of the two new drives that were to be part of
the mirror. I then booted to one of the new drives (on the original
IDE channel) and installed the driver that came with the controller.
It seemed to install correctly.

I then attached both drives to the RAID controller and duplicated the
first drive to the second. After doing this and rebooting, I received
the dreaded "Inaccessible Boot Device" BSOD. So, I moved the first
drive back to the IDE controller on the motherboard and booted up
normally. I was told that the drive needed to be checked for
integrity (HPANT.DAT was corrupted)- there were a few files that
needed to be re-indexed. This was done and then the machine booted
normally. However, the Adaptec controller driver did not start. So,
I uninstalled the driver and reinstalled. Then, rebooted to make sure
that it started properly... it did. Finally, I moved the first drive
back to the RAID controller and duplicated it to the second drive
again. Still, same thing.

I have searched all over the place and haven't found any definate
answers on how to possibly workaround this... other than to reinstall
NT 4.0 or upgrade to Windows 2000. A friend of mine said something
about possible using a small hard drive to load boot files from, but
it didn't sound to promising... I am not expecting much at this point-
I have never actually gotten so far into a hole so that I had to post
on Google... geez. ;-)

Thanks in advance.