I'm running WinNT 4.0 SP6a, German Version.
I haven't used any other keyboard layout than German(Germany) on this PC
till now.

Using the German layout, the Euro symbol can be entered (AltG + E or Alt
+ 0128) as expected and is diplayed correctly in Windows applications.

Now, I want to use another keyboard (layout), English (USA,
international), and most things work fine (e.g. I can enter the German
"Umlaute" ',,' and the German "sharp s" '' using the corresponding
AltGr keystrokes.
(AltGr + p, AltGr + q, ...). But the Euro symbol '' *cannot* be entered
by AltGr + 5, like expected. However, Alt + 0128 does work. Furthermore,
The new keyboard layout does not effect the DOS Prompt.

Why doesn't "AltGr - 5" work and how can I change the keyboard layout
for the DOS prompt in WinNT?