I just re-formatted a bad NTFS installation and re-installed Win2K. I am an
admin and have full control of the virtual NTFS drive and the permissions
were at the default level when I started installation..

While installing the nVidia drivers, the prog suddenly stopped and said it
did not have the permissions to access a file ikernel.exe in the Intel
The dir order was: Common files
Install shield
When I checked the Intel dir, all the Allow boxes for me were checked but
greyed out. I followed that up to Common files and it was the same for each
subdir. Then I went to the top of the D drive and had no trouble setting
Full Control over all the permissions - white Allow boxes with checks. Then
for that top, I tried to force the permissions to extend down to all
subcontainers by checking the box Reset.perms on all child objects and
enable propagation of inheritable perms. I thought that would repeat my
perms at the top of the drive all the way down but it didn't. Every subdir
down to Intel has the box Allow inheritable permissions from parent to
propagate to this object. But it seems like it's not working.

I have an uptodate NAV running.

Comments much appreciated.