Sorry for the double posting but it seems as if this NG might get me
some results.

I have a NT4 Server with AutoCad files on it. On 1 NT4 workstation I
am having a very slow file access problem. When I go to get a file off
of the network drive it will take up to or beyond 40 seconds just to
open the folder ( must note, over 17,000 files in this folder ) BUT I
have another NT4 workstation right next to it and it opens it as fast
as you can ask for.

Heres the kicker, we use GoToMyPC, when I install it and leave it
connected to the gotomypc server, it cuts my file access time down to
about 5 seconds !?!?!?!? If I take if off of the gotomypc server or if
I kill the application, I'm back to 40 seconds or more.

I tried a different network card, differnt network port, drivers, even
tried a Windows 2000 build on a different hard drive and the same
computer, same problem, except the gotomypc thing didnt' have an
effect on Windows 2000 like it did on NT4.

ANY ideas !!!!!