NT4, sp6a

(tale of woe) In the course of trying to solve a problem with an app
(wincupl.exe), I did a number of uninstall-reinstall cycles. The app
does work for other people; so, I decided that the problem might be an
imcomplete uninstall. I decided to remove any references to cupl from
my registry. Probably not a good move. Then, I ran
NTPerfectCompanion's "fix registry" function on the registry. I just
let it have its way. That's how I got here.

Now, when I run the wincupl install, I get an error "1607 Unable to
install InstallShield Scripting". I looked up this error on
consumer.installshield.com, and followed their suggestions. When I
try to install the Windows Installer Service, I get a message "Service
already installed."

If nothing else, it might help to get a clear picture of how
installation works in NT. InstallShield is apparently a 3rd-party
app? But, there also is some M/S exe(s?) involved? If this is
explained somewhere, a pointer would help.

Aside from that, I'm stuck. I fear I'll need to re-install NT, which
I desparately don't want to do. Any other ideas would be appreciated.


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