Hello there,

I'm hoping that someone out there can possibly give me some ideas regarding
a most perplexing problem that I'm experiencing. My company is running a
Novell 5.1 network with mixed NT4(sp6) and '98 workstations. The problem
I'm having is with an NT box. I'm quite experienced with the admin chores
of an NT network, so any suggestions don't have to be "dummied down." (I
hope, for my sake!!) ;-)

Anyhow, on this particular company's system, each user has a "user" folder
on the Novell system mapped to a drive letter (M) on their Windows boxes
when they log in by a simple login script. There is one NT workstation
(v4.0, build 1381, sp6) giving me trouble--and it's some strange trouble!
When the user of that machine logs in with his username/pw, everything seems
fine. His Novell drive is mapped, etc. He can read from and write to his
network drive, and "save as..." directly to his mapped drive. However, when
using Excel 2000, and ONLY Excel 2000, and ONLY when logged in as this user
at his particular workstation, doing a "save as..." from Excel to the mapped
Novell drive requires several minutes to save a 45k file. The file does
eventually save successfully. MS Word 2k does not exhibit this
behavior--neither does any other app. Only Excel 2k. If I log into this
particular workstation as myself, everything works fine. The user of this
machine and myself have the EXACT SAME Novell and NT privs. In fact, I
created my account my simply copying his account and changing the
username/pw for experiment's sake. I have tried a re-install of Office 2k
AND Nt4. Same story. Other than this problem, his network connection works
EXACTLY as expected. Workarounds DO work--for instance, I can save a file
from Excel 2k to the desktop and then copy/paste or drag it to his mapped
drive with no problem--and the save to the Novell drive takes under a second
as expected. The issue only occurs when I try to save directly to the
mapped drive from Excel 2k. If I log in as this user from another
workstation and attempt a "save as..." from Excel 2k to the same mapped
drive, the problem does not occur either. Only when I log in as this user
from that specific NT box...

As you can imagine this issue is driving me nuts. Since everything works
fine except for direct Excel saves to the mapped drive I am hesitant to buy
another NIC because that couldn't be the problem--could it?

Any help that anyone can give me with this will be GREATLY appreciated. I'm
also going to xp this to the comp.sys.novell ng to see if anyone there has
any ideas.

Thank you!

Ron Damato
Consumers Digest Magazine