Hi All,

I've just set up a new domain using Windows Server 2003 and would like to
set up trust between it and my two NT4 domains. Should be easy enough, but
when I try to set the trust up on the NT4 machines, they tell me "can nmot
create a file when that file already exists" and on the WS2003 it says "The
operation failed. The error is: This operation can not be performed on the
current domain."

What file are the NT4 machines talking about? Does anyone know what the
WS2003 message means?

My first and last call to Micro$oft was a waste of time. They gave me two
options, the first was to look on their support site (as if I hadn't thought
of that) and the second was to talk to an 'engineer' costing 185+VAT. Now
I remember why I try and avoide Microsoft products!