I need help. Basically I'm writing macro in excel that will read
information from a selected row of data and write that information
into the comments of a selected file.

Comments are the summary information for most files. You right click
on a file, go to properties, then click the summary tab, and you
should see a box called comments. This is true at least for NTFS file

What I need is a way to change these file summary properties
programmatically from VB or VBA.

The windows scripting file 'scrrun.dll' with its File System Objects
doesn't offer anything like this. I did find out how to read and
change things like attributes (read-only etc), but I can't seem to
edit information like keyfields, title, comments, etc. I've also
tried working with the OLE Document Property Reader and this is
perfect for reading all of the information I need but it won't let me
write it.

Maybe there is a .dll that I don't know about, or some sort of windows
API I could access? Anyt ideas or leads would be great. I don't know
what to do, I even asked my friend for help who knows more about
windows than anyone on the planet.

Help! the ability to store meta-data in/with files is integral to my
project! I'd be very grateful. I can't find anything on the internet