Rickie, based on the fact that you can install using the ServerGuide CD, we
can rule out the possibility that you have a hardware problem. I'd suspect
that you have the incorrect SCSI driver. Have you verified that you have
the correct driver? You can reboot the server and watch for the SCSI POST.
You should see something about Adaptec (or other SCSI manufacturer) and a
model number. Hope this helps.

Jim Davis

"Rickie" wrote in message
> I am trying to install a Windows NT 4 in the IBM Netfinity 5000. It is

> with using the IBM ServerGuide CD, it guides me through the process. It

> automatically install the NT on the C:\WINNT directory. For some reasons,

> need to install the OS in different directory, say C:\WINNT2. (This is for
> the DR process)
> I boot up the server by using normal NT CD, and press F6 for the

> SCSI disk controller driver. After a while, it complaints that cannot find
> any hard disk, fail to install, that mean it cannot detect the harddisk
> controller card. I have downloaded the correct driver, but I still cannot
> proceed. Anyone has the experience to install by this way? Hope for any
> response. Thanks.